7 - Invasion aus dem All
Invasion From Space
Clark Darlton

A lone fisherman, Sammy Derring, is taken over by alien Mind Snatchers who mistake him for Samuel Daring the Secretary of Defense. The switch is discovered and Alan Mercant reports the incident to Khrest, who is training the new Mutant Corps.

Khrest notifies Perry. Rhodan is on Venus looking for a suitable base of operations on the cloud covered jungle world. Perry realizes the MS must have an Earth base and uses the mutants to hunt them down.

While the hunt starts, Perry addresses the world's leaders and convinces them of the need for a fleet of rockets to be used for Earth's defense. Li Tschai-tung, the Asian Federation's secret service agent with ties to Rhodan has been compromised by the Mind Snatchers and is tracked by Ernst Ellert and Tako Kakuta to A flight from Hong Kong to Nevada.

Rhodan pulls Ellert off of the trail so that Ellert can send his mind to the fuure to check on 6 year old Betty Toufry. Betty has powers of telepathy and telekinesis and is the daughter of an atomic scientist. The girl killed her father when she detected that he had been taken by the MS. In his interview with the future Toufry, Ellert is told that they are the precursors of a new development in human evolution. She also tells Ellert that his fate is closely linked with a far future galactic empire but refuses to give him details.

When the MS base is fond in Tibet, a trap is set by the mutants, but springing that trap apparently kills Ernst Ellert. It turns out that Ellert isn't dead but his consciousness is wandering through time and space. Perry builds an elaborate 'tomb' that will signal when Ellert returns to his earthly form.

The last of the Mind Snatchers are tracked down and destroyed making the world apparently safe from their invasion. Rhodan decides that he will use his Venus base to train the mutants and set up more defenses for earth. Meanwhile, Alan Mercant finds that the Western Bloc is secretly building another rocket to challenge Rhodan's power.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-06

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