699 - Terra unter fremder Sonne
Terra under a Strange Sun
Kurt Mahr

Zeus reiterates his proposal to Rhodan : in exchange of three fertile Ploohns, which he will use to breed and create a new power to counter-balance Jaymadahr Conzentryn, he will help the Terrans to stabilize the Earth around his sun, Medallion.

On the Earth, the scientists determine that the radiations emitted by the artificial suns are not exactly similar to those of Sol, and mutations are beginning to appear. Since the Ploohn queen seems to be willing to cancel the peace treaty signed with the Terrans, Rhodan decides to accept Zeus' offer.

A commando manages to capture three Ploohns and to bring them back to Zeus. Then, the operation begins : using devices hidden in the depths of Goshmo-Castle, Zeus starts tractoring the Moon and the Earth toward Medallion. Suddenly, a series of explosions shakes Goshmo-Castle and all the installations are destroyed. It turns out that the three Ploohns had been conditioned by the queen to destroy Zeus as soon as a breeding would be attempted.

As a result, Zeus has disappeared in a burst of six-dimension explosions and the Earth and the Moon are now headed toward Medallion without any tractor beam to hold them back. As the situation is getting helpless, Jaymadahr Conzentryn appears in her flagship and offers her help as a tribute to the Terrans, who helped her to get rid of her rival, although unsuspectingly so.

The Terrans accept and the orbits of the Earth and the Moon are soon stabilized at two hundred million kilometers around Medallion. Although the humanity seems to be at last safe for the time being, Perry Rhodan cannot hide his concern to Bully : for the first time in human history, the Terrans would have perished without the assistance of an external race...

Cedric Beust

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