698 - Meuterei auf der MEBRECCO
Mutiny on the Mebrecco
H.G. Francis

Danzien Germell, commander of the cargo-ship Mebbrecco, thinks that the Earth is doomed. He decides to mutiny against Rhodan and find a planet with a brighter future than the Earth. He manages to convince most of the crew and they take off from the Earth. During their flight, an unknown object breaks through the hull of their ship. Shortly thereafter, a crewmember is found dead.

The object is actually a harmless creature which unsuspectedly kills humans when it touches them. As the Mebrecco moves away from the Maelstrom of stars, it is finally able to locate the Milky Way. However, their home galaxy is much too far to be reached by conventional linear drives.

The creature contacts the crew and offers to lead them toward the paradise they are looking for. Before they can answer, the creature takes control of the positronics and directs them toward an isolated planet. Very similar to the Earth, the planet seems to offer everything the humans were looking for. They settle down and start colonizing the planet, but some of them soon suffer from a disease which turns out to be lethal.

Germell has no other choice than dismantling the colony, but the few people left start acting madly. Before Germell can do anything, the whole colony is decimated and he is the only survivor. He takes off on a shuttle and heads for the Earth. The creature follows him and explains to him that he has offered them exactly what they were asking for : the paradise. And he intends to do the same with his compatriots. As soon as he is within range of the Earth, Germell transmits his findings about the position of the Milky Way and then commits suicide, destroying the creature.

Cedric Beust

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