697 - Im Interesse der Menschheit
In the Interest of Humanity
William Voltz

Schultz and Kroiterfahrn have been rescued by a USO spaceship and taken into Provcon-Faust, the Dark Cloud. The Greiko now knows the truth about the true intents of the Larens and he is horrified to learn that they have been fooled for so long. However, this is a dead-end for the Terrans right now because they have no way of letting his people know about the situation in the Milky Way. Beside, Kroiterfahrn's health condition is deteriorating rapidly.

Meanwhile, Hotrenor-Taak has finally agreed to let Leticron chase and kill the Greiko. He talks with the Hyptons about how they should handle the situation with the Greikos on the Council. They decide to let them know as soon as Kroiterfahrn dies. They reckon that his compatriots won't suspect anything since they are a very trusting and peaceful people.

In an attempt to heal Kroiterfahrn, Atlan asks Tako Kakuta to enter Greiko's mind. The operation fails, but the teleporter learns that the Greikos are the creators of the Council of the Seven, and that without them, the alliance would have fallen apart long ago.

Atlan and Ronald Tekener decide that in the interest of humanity, they must turn Kroiterfahrn in to Hotrenor-Taak. The Larens will have to kill him and that will put them in a difficult position with the rest of the Council. They assign Schultz to this mission. The USO agent is appalled by their decision, which he thinks is cold-blood murder, but he has no choice. He hosts Tako Kakuta, who will help him get away when Leticron finds the Greiko.

Shultz and Kroiterfahrn leave the Dark Cloud and land on a planet where Leticron quickly finds them. The First Hetran comes in person and eventually corners the two men. Schultz tries to hide Kroiterfahrn's location as long as he can but he is no match against Leticron's psychic skills. The First Hetran finds the Greiko and only then, he realizes that he has fallen in a trap laid out by the Terrans. Unaware of the plot, Shultz escapes thanks to Kakuta.

Back in the Dark Cloud, Atlan tells Schultz that he couldn't tell him about the plan earlier or Leticron would have read it in his mind. Kroiterfahrn actually died days ago during his stay in the Dark Cloud, but in order for his death to be useful to them, they needed to persuade the Larens that he had been murdered by Leticron, so that their situation would become precarious within the Council. Leticron had to pretend he killed the Greiko himself or he would risk to be removed from his position as First Hetran.

Cedric Beust

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