696 - Botschafter des Friedens
Ambassador of Peace
William Voltz

Hotrenor-Taak learns that a spokesperson of the fourth people of the Council, the Greikos, is on his way to the Milky Way. The Greikos are a pacific race who are persuaded that the Council is a peaceful coalition. So far, the Larens have been able to fool them into thinking that they bring peace in the newly discovered galaxies.

Hotrenor-Taak is extremely worried as a Greiko was not supposed to show up in the Milky Way before ten years. Since the Greiko, called Kroiterfahrn, is sick, Hotrenor-Taak directs him toward Tahun, a hospital planet where he can be treated during his visit. Before the Greiko lands, Hotrenor-Taak changes the life conditions on the planet : prisoners are taken away and only loyal servants of the Larens will surround Kroiterfahrn.

Meanwhile, the USO has noticed that things have changed on Tahun and sends a special agent to investigate. The Greiko is greeted by Hotrenor-Taak and Leticron and he asks to be shown around. At night, he notices a fight in the yard : the USO agent, called Schultz, is paralyzed and captured by Laren soldiers. Outraged, Kroiterfahrn demands to speak to the prisoner.

Leticron suggests that both Schultz and Kroiterfahrn should be killed, but Hotrenor-Takk refuses to take the risk. Instead, he has the Terran hypnotized by the Hyptons and then, he sends him before Kroiterfahrn. At first, the plan goes well and the agent is unable to tell the truth. But the doctor, a secret resistant, injects him a medication that weakens the psychic effect. Soon, he regains full consciousness and understands what the Larens are trying to do. He has to be extremely careful, though, because he knows that all their moves are being monitored.

Kroiterfahrn requests a flight over Tahun. He boards a glider with Schultz and a Laren pilot. At the first opportunity, Schultz paralyzes the pilot and takes control of the glider. Then he tries to escape, all the while telling Kroiterfahrn what the Larens have actually been doing in the Milky Way since their arrival.

Cedric Beust

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