695 - Die Unantastbaren
The Inviolable
Ernst Vlcek

Hotrenor-Taak has just landed on Ertrus, which has become the center of the resistance against the Larens. He is decided to exterminate the several groups of resistance opposing the Council. Three Etrusians decide to launch an attack against one of the three pyramids. They found out that the "Albino Circle", the protection field surrounding the pyramid, is considerably weaker underground.

Hotrenor-Taak learns about the attempt but disregards it, estimating that nobody can break into the pyramids. Not even Larens. The Ertrusian commando makes its way under the pyramid and, after resisting several psychic traps, breaks into the pyramid. The whole interior is made of one huge cavity, and they arrive just as an SVE spaceship is replenishing its tank. A wave of strong emotions shake the three men and they pass out.

They wake up in a twilight world. They no longer have bodies and are contacted by the Mastibeks, the owners of the pyramids. The Mastibeks are a very ancient race born on the planet Joyl. They reached the summit of their evolution thousands of years ago and then, they decided to lose their bodies and become spirits. Since their existence was becoming dull, they joined the Council and teamed with the Larens in order to travel with them and feast over people's emotions.

The Mastibeks say that they are merely observers and that they won't get involved in a rebellion against the Larens. Then the three Ertrusians are sent back to their bodies.

Cedric Beust

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