692 - Die Insekten-Königin
The Insect Queen
H.G. Ewers

The queen of the Ploohns, Jaymadahr Conzentryn, is worried by the increasing power of the Terrans. She decides to launch a massive attack against them. She takes the lead of a fleet of thirty thousand spaceships and they head for the vortex, the center of the Maelstrom. They encounter and destroy Terran spaceships that were monitoring the area.

Perry Rhodan sends twenty thousand spaceships to oppose the Ploohns and both races engage in a furious battle. Both sides incur heavy losses and a ceasefire is called.

Jaymadahr Conzentryn is shocked by the power of the Terrans and is now afraid that they might find out about one of the Ploohn's most kept secret : the vortex is actually a giant transmitter that is connected to the Ploohn's original galaxy. Rhodan attempts to attack the queen's flagship with the mutants but they face psychic traps and are forced to retreat.

Rhodan eventually notices that Ploohn ships are escaping through the vortex and he decides to go through the transmitter with the Marco Polo while the rest of his fleet retreats.

Cedric Beust

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