690 - Die Flucht des Körperlosen
The Escape of the Bodyless
Kurt Mahr

Hotrenor-Taak pays a surprise visit on Zabrijna. The Laren wants to know what Leticron knows about the Old Mutants. Leticron is shocked to learn that the Laren knows about this well-kept secret. Tako Kakuta uses this moment to escape from Leticron's mind. The only suitable host seems to be the Laren spaceship's protection field. But as soon as he has merged with one, the energy field overloads and the spaceship explodes. Kakuta has barely the time to integrate the mind of a Laren technician.

As Leticron is reluctant to give answers, Hotrenor-Taak takes him before Hyptons on board his flagship. Leticron soon gives in under the mental pressure of the bat-like creatures and he tells the Laren everything he knows about Honeycomb 1000. He also tells him about his failed attempt to capture Tako Kakuta. Hotrenor-Taak quickly makes the connection with the explosion of two of his spaceships and he quickly spots Kakuta's host. The teleporter hops out of the Laren and finds shelter in the Hyptons crowd.

Hotrenor-Taak finds him again and the teleporter is turned in by the Hyptons to the Laren. Kakuta is now hosted by Hotrenor-Taak. Meanwhile, the Laren has ordered the destruction of Honeycomb 1000, but the Larens arrive too late, the Old Mutants have already been evacuated.

Hotrenor-Taak is a much stronger opponent but Kakuta manages to take him by surprise and he finds shelter in the Laren's assistant. He teleports on board an SVE-spaceship on its way to their home galaxy. Kakuta persuades the commandant that Hotrenor-Taak is a traitor and that they must reach their galaxy as fast as possible. The commandant complies.

As the SVE-spaceship is about to leave the galaxy, Kakuta spots a Terran ship and manages to jump on board. He quickly convinces the crew that he is not really a Laren and he is safely taken back to the Terran headquarters.

Cedric Beust

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