69 - Im Halbraum lauert der Tod
Death Waits In Semispace
Kurt Mahr

The DRUSUS arrives at the site where Wanderer is supposed to be but they do not find anything. The structure detector reacts as if an object is constantly trying to come out of hyperspace. Lieutenant Rous attempts in vain to pass into the other universe with the help of the Warp-Field Generator. Ras Tschubaï then tries to teleport while visualizing Wanderer but he ends up rematerializing inside the structure compensator. He succeeds just barely in time in using his emitter to alert Rhodan of his dire predicament. However, in the process of reaching for his emitter, he must voluntarily break his arm.

Atlan proposes the existence of an intermediate dimension between einstein space and hyperespace: he calls it “semispace”. The Solitude being named Nathan is asked to help. Its mind leaves its body and reaches the surface of Wanderer. Nathan is ultimately able to enter into contact with the immortal but he does not manage anymore to leave Wanderer. Atlan calculates that a part of Wanderer regularly comes back into normal space. Bell and Lieutenant Tompetch take the Gazelle G-203 and reach Wanderer in this way. They are forced to land and discover that they are six thousand kilometers from the physiotron (cell shower device). They realize very quickly that their bodies continue to obey the laws of normal space and for them Wanderer shrinks as the planet turns around its hypergeometric axis. Their Gazelle suddenly breaks down, its energy reserves being exhausted and they must pursue their goal on foot. Their progress is encouraged by the constant distortion.

At the same time that Bell and Lieutenant Tompetch are landing on Wanderer, another Gazelle is sent to Wanderer with the help of the fictive transmitter. The operation succeeds and this Gazelle, with Rhodan on board, does not undergo any distortion. However, their Gazelle breaks down as well due to a lack of energy. Rhodan and the crew see gigantic shapes which are soon identified as Bell and Tompetch. Wanderer continues its rotation on its axis and the distortion reverses itself. Returning back to normal size, Bell activates a generator allowing Rhodan’s Gazelle to travel the remaining distance to the physiotron. On May first, Rhodan enters the physiotron, soon followed by Bell. The energy brought by the two Gazelles allows Wanderer to completely fall back into normal space.

Michael Mahoney 2011-09-09

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