689 - Die Irrfahrt des Mutanten
Wandering of the Mutants
Kurt Mahr

Thomas Kantanberg, a USO specialist, manages to escape from a Heavy prison. He makes his way until Honeycomb 1000, the asteroid where the consciences of the eight old mutants are held. Kantanberg arrives as the mutants are about to be evacuated by Atlan to a safer place, namely : Provcon-Faust, the dark cloud. Kantanberg will be used to host the conscience of Tako Kakuta, the teleporter.

Kantanberg has actually been brainwashed and he is now working for Leticron. Using Kakuta's ability, he teleports on a Pariczanian spaceship that was following them and they head back to Zabrijna, a secret base where he must meet Leticron. When Kantanberg lands on Zabrijna, he is taken to Leticron, one on one. The First Hetran kills the traitor and Kakuta has no choice : he must transfer his conscience into Leticron's, who therefore gains the ability to teleport.

Cedric Beust

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