688 - Der Einmann-Krieg
The Single Man War
H.G. Francis

Wazzer Jacintho is a Solar agent pretending to work for Leticron. He is in charge of watching over several key personalities on Czugmoth, a prison-planet, where the Heavies' propaganda machine is working full time. Atlan sends a commando on Czugmoth in order to free the several thousands of Terrans prisoner there.

Jacintho notices the arrival of the shuttle and, using the complicity of Ann Ephro, a Terran woman working at the spaceport, manages to hide it from the Heavies. Leticron is due for a visit of the planet soon, so Jacintho decides to act. Together with Anne, they sabotage several of the installations and fights break out. Anne is killed during the battle and Jacintho is made prisoner.

Five hundred spaceships of the solar forces land on Czugmoth and free all the Terrans. The Heavies are outnumbered and surrender. Leticron escapes with his flagship with Jacintho on board. He asks to see the agent, curious to see the man who caused him to lose a whole planet. Irritated by Jacintho's arrogance, Leticron eventually kills him.

Cedric Beust

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