687 - Begegnung im Chaos
Meeting in Chaos
William Voltz

The Terrans manage to escape from the Artmacs and leave the spaceship. They board another nearby space cruiser from the Lemurian fleet. As soon as they are on board, they notice the presence of floating jellyfish-like creatures. First dormant, the creatures start converging towards them, emitting energetic sparks. The Terrans back off in the interior of the spaceship as the creatures start multiplying.

Alaska Saedelaere and two crewmen arrive in the vicinity of the Lemurian fleet. They are spotted by the Artmacs and before they can react, their shuttle is destroyed. Alaska survives thanks to the annihilation suit but the other two men are killed. He is now wandering in space, helpless.

Two of the four scientists are killed by the energetic creatures. Their situation is becoming desperate. They send an SOS and retreat further in the spaceship. Alaska receives the SOS and hovers towards the spaceship. He rescues the two scientists as they were about to be killed. The three men take a spaceship and head for the Earth, where Perry Rhodan is informed about Atlan's latest efforts to locate the Earth.

Cedric Beust

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