685 - Planet in Angst
Planet in Fear
H.G. Francis

Ras Tschubai and Felmer Lloyd are sent on the fourth planet of the system, an ice-world. They meet with two natives who were investigating a valley where strange events have been happening lately. The whole area seems to be protected by a force field and anybody who tried to go there never returned.

The mutants have no problem breaking through the force field and discover a warm area with a lot of exotic plants. They are soon attacked by the same insects as the ones the commando sent on the third planet met a few days ago. They call the insects Ploohns. The Ploohns seem to have settled on this planet much more aggressively and the Terrans discover several of their bases under the surface.

As the Terran superior technology is giving them a clear edge against the insectoids, the Terrans detect seventeen Ploohn spaceships headed towards the planet. They are the same ships that were orbiting the sun. The Terrans call the Marco Polo for help.

They try to make prisoners but the Ploohns commit suicide as soon as they are captured. Pucky eventually manages to catch one and immobilizes him before he can commit suicide. The Ploohn doesn't seem to be surprised to undergo a telepathic questioning and resists it effectively. Pucky nevertheless obtains some information.

The Ploohns call themselves Cschmorts. They are long-lived creatures who are the main power in this area of space. They are constantly looking for planets that can be suitable for their expansion. To the Terrans surprise, the prisoner knows Zeus very well and actually, the Ploohns are actively looking for him. He dies before he can tell more.

Cedric Beust

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