684 - Die falschen Itrinks
The Fake Itrinks
Ernst Vlcek

Thirty-two unknown ships arrive in the vicinity of the Earth and open fire. Their technology is inferior to that of the Terrans, though, and they are easily destroyed. Asked about the strangers, Zeus mentions that they are also his enemies, but he won't say more.

Spaceships are sent to examine whatever is left of the battle. As they approach a wreck, Zeus appears and destroys it before the Terrans can do anything. He justifies himself by saying that it would have been dangerous for the Terrans to proceed.

Meanwhile, the scientists have set up an experiment : a bridge of spaceship is laid out, reaching out as far as possible away from the Maelstrom. While it doesn't allow them to figure out where the Earth and the Moon have been transported, they come to the conclusion that some black hole awaits them at the end of the stream. If nothing is done in the next thousand years, the Earth will disappear in the vortex.

Radio signals are detected by the Earth. Once translated, the message turns out to be a call for help. Even though it is about four-hundred years old, Perry Rhodan decides to send a team on the planet where the signal supposedly came from.

The target solar system only has two planets with life on them. Seventeen spaceships are detected in a stationary orbit near the main sun. They are identical to those that attacked the Earth earlier. As a Terran command teleports on board, they quickly realize that all the vessels have been deserted. On all of them, a transmitter is running, waiting for the crew to come back. The Terrans deactivate all the transmitters and assume that the owners of the spaceships must be attending some kind of business on one the the two planets.

The Terrans land on the third planet, since it seems to be the source of the radio signals. They make contact with a race of bird-like creatures, called Itrinks. Though their technology is very primitive, the Terrans don't resist and surrender. Then they are judged for a reason they don't understand. As they are about to be executed, Pucky detects that one of the Itrinks is actually an impostor of another race. The mousebeaver exposes the traitor, who is quickly killed. The unknown being looks a lot like Zeus, an ant-like creature, except that it is much smaller : about two meters tall, as opposed to five for Zeus.

Some Itrinks decide to support the Terrans but most of the others hunt them. Once safe, the Terrans understand that the strangers must have headquarters on this planet. A quick search leads them to this place where they exterminate the aliens. The Itrinks are now free from the invaders and the Terrans leave in peace.

Cedric Beust

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