683 - Das Mädchen von Lemuria
The Woman from Lemuria
H.G. Ewers

In Andromeda, the Terrans are looking for the control station of Gercksvira. The Solar Transmitter only has two planets. Atlan leads a team on the first planet, Peschnath. As they enter its atmosphere, they are contacted by a beautiful woman who warns them against landing. Since Atlan refuses to comply, the woman, who is using the Lemurian language, opens fire and shoots the shuttle down. Several Terrans are killed during the crash. Atlan contacts the Lemurian again and is stunned to see that she is wearing a cell activator. As she is about to destroy them, Atlan shows his own activator and manages to negociate a meeting.

The woman's name is Ermigoa, and when Atlan asks her about her cell activator, she pretends that her father gave it to her, and that he also made those used by the Masters of the Island. Suddenly, she has him attacked by two humans. Atlan defeats them and Ermigoa explains that she is testing him. Then she shows him her multi-duplicator, which she uses to create beings to serve her. As Atlan begins to understand her interest in him, she tricks him and paralyzes him.

When he awakes, he tells her what happened to the Earth, and how they think that Gercksvira is connected to what happened in the solar system. All they want to do now is send a wrecked spaceship through the transmitter and analyze what will happen.

Ermigoa still doesn't trust him but accepts to let the Terrans experiment with the transmitter if he will let her make a clone of himself with the multi-duplicator. Atlan accepts reluctantly. As a truce seems to be finally reached, Ermigoa locates two Terrans who penetrated into her base. A fight ensues in which the multi-duplicator is destroyed. Ermigoa herself is injured during the fight and dies shortly thereafter.

Cedric Beust

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