682 - Terror der Ungeborenen
Terror from the Unborn
Hans Kneifel

Atlan approaches the Gercksvira transmitter, looking for the control station. Two of the blue suns have a planet. They head for the first one, which they name Tockton. It seems to be deserted, mostly covered with swamps, but former Lemurian constructions are still apparent, although they are probably about 50,000 years old.

Atlan lands on the planet with a commando and they make their way through the swamps, fighting hostile animals. They eventually make it into a tower. Although protected by a field force, the tower lets the Terrans in, probably confusing them with Lemurians. They find several mummyfied bodies of Lemurians inside. Searching each of them doesn't give them any clue about the location of the control station.

In another room, they discover fourteen embryos, frozen. Brester, a man from the commando, is able to establish a telepathic contact with them. The embryos are hostile and they make it clear to the Terrans. One of them mentions a "natural archive" but will not say more. They seem to be in control of the planet's surrounding fauna and the Terrans are soon attacked fiercely by swamp creatures. They manage to fight them back.

On their way to the shuttle, they notice a herd of peaceful looking animals. Struck by the contrast in behavior with the rest of the fauna, they decide to take one of them on board of their ship to examine it.

They discover that the Graunzers, the names of these animals, are semi-intelligent and were used by the Lemurians as some kind of archives. They stored all their knowledge inside the two hundred animals, hoping that only Lemurians would be able to use it in the future. The Terrans start downloading all the information from the Graunzers and learn what happened in the distant past : the Lemurians tried to go through Gercksvira with 22,000 ships but the whole fleet was lost because of some anomaly. They eventually found out what happened and they documented their findings inside the Graunzers. All the Terrans have to do now in order to use the transmitter is to analyze the information in its entirety.

Cedric Beust

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