680 - Strafplanet der Eroberer
Prison Planet of the Conquerors
H.G. Francis

In Quinto-Center, Atlan is reviewing internal files with Julian Tifflor. They learn about two scientists, Theinbourg and Conschex, who are specialized in the solar transmitter technology. Unfortunately, they have been captured by the Heavies and are being held prisoner in some unknown place. Atlan decides to send Ronald Tekener after them.

Under a disguise, Tekener and his crew are captured by the Heavies and sent in a prison on Mars. There, they learn that the two scientists are most likely being detained on a prison-planet called Watsteyn. The Terrans manage to get transfered there.

On Watsteyn, Theinbourg and Conschex have successfully escaped from the camp but they are now on their own in the hostile jungle of the planet. When Tekener arrives there, he has no choice than to escape too and look for the two men.

Atlan makes a trip to visit the mutants, 40,000 light-years away from Quinto-Center. The disembodied mutants have hardly been in touch with the recent events in the Milky Way, so Atlan fills them in. Atlan has come to take Tako Kakuta with him, so that he can use his teleportation skills.

Tekener eventually finds the two scientists, exhausted by their recent adventures. They are all safely taken aboard a shuttle and leave Watsteyn. Tekener tells them that they have been assigned a difficult mission : find out where the Earth was teleported during its failed attempt in the Archi-TriTrans transmitter.

Cedric Beust

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