679 - Im Bannkreis der Pyramide
In the Pyramid's Zero Field
Ernst Vlcek

On the Earth, the 96,000 space ships of the solar fleet suddenly regains the ability to make linear trips. It only lasts for a few minutes, though, and the linear engines go off line again. On his way back from Goshmo-Castle with a conventional shuttle, Pucky tells Rhodan about what happened there. They realize that the power-surge coincides with the moment where Zeus revealed his real shape.

Rhodan decides to meet Zeus. He takes the Marco Polo and heads for Goshmo-Castle. However, as they arrive at the coordinates, there is no planet to be found.

On Goshmo-Castle, Bully sees the Marco-Polo zoom in the atmosphere and go through the planet surface as if it didn't exist. Bewildered, he asks Zeus what is going on. The god explains that the enemies he mentioned earlier are trying to land one of their spaceships, a pyramid, on Goshmo-Castle. Zeus' only defense is to take the planet to another plane of reality. However, he reacted too late and the pyramid has landed. And to make matter worse, the Marco Polo, who crashed on the other side of the planet, is now in its containment field. This field, also called Zero Field, neutralizes all electricity and atomic based energies.

On the Marco Polo, the Terran crew finds their way out with a lot of difficulties, since all the elevators, gravitic shafts, etc... are off-line. When they come out, they realize that they have landed on top of a pyramid, from which emanates some sort of field that isolates them from the rest of the world. Bully and Zeus have just arrived on the location of the crash and they communicate with signs. Zeus tells Rhodan to look for a certain switch inside the pyramid, which should turn the Zero Field off.

They find their way inside the pyramid and start fighting toad-like creatures whose thoughts seem to be focused on murder and destruction exclusively. The command-center is protected by robots but Pucky manages to use the Zero Field against them. Then they turn the Zero Field off.

Cedric Beust

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