678 - Zeus Anno 3460
Zeus 3460 BC
William Voltz

Box-7149 crashes on the planet, baptized Goshmo-Castle. The Terrans are attacked by primitives but they can easily fight them back. As they start diagnosing the damage of the ship, a giant appears. He is 250 meters high and calls himself Zeus. He makes it clear to the Terrans that they are now his prisoners and that they will stay on this planet forever. A quick attempt shows that conventional weapons cannot harm the so-called father of the gods, who is quite real.

Zeus sends an assistant to watch over the Terrans : his name is Fontain and he is a cyborg. Bull asks Zeus if he intends to destroy their ship, to which the god replies that he would never do that, or the Terrans would lose all hope of ever escaping. And he wants his prisoners to entertain him.

Goshmo-Khan starts experimenting on Fontain. He is very familiar with the work of a now-dead cybernetician, Van Moders, who discovered the secret of the Posbis centuries ago. Applying these theories, Goshmo-Khan is able to bring Fontain into a paradox loop and the cyborg starts terminating itself. When Zeus realizes what is going on, he threatens to destroy the Posbi ship but it's already too late, Fontain is deactivated.

Zeus lashes out at the Terrans : he starts attacking them with lightnings and the Box incurs severe hits. Pucky engages him in a mental fight. As he is about to give up, Zeus stops his attacks. He tells the mouse-beaver that there is no point for him to fight them since all he ever wanted was some company. First suspicious, the Terrans understand that Zeus is really willing to put an end to the hostilities. The god warns them about the actual rulers of this area of space : they are his enemies and now, they will also attack the Terrans.

Bull, who thinks that Zeus is actually It, asks the god who he really is. Zeus agrees to show them his real shape. He turns out to be a five-meter tall ant-looking creature.

Cedric Beust

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