677 - Das Erbe der Glovaaren
The Legacy of the Glovaarians
Clark Darlton

Investigating the stocks of howalgonium, Pucky detects thought impulses. He teleports there and finds the dead body of a condor-like creature. Even though the creature is no longer emitting any thoughts, Pucky is convinced that it was the source of the impulses but he has no idea how the bird got there.

Goshmo-Khan tells Rhodan that before the Earth went through the transmitter, he put a posbi ship in a secured place, safe from any five-dimensional radiation. It appears that the linear engines of the Box are fully functional. A test drive is decided.

Box 7149 leaves the Earth and heads for a nearby star, using a linear phase. The engines seem to work. As they arrive near the sun, a pyramidal spaceship is detected in the vicinity. Pucky teleports on board and discovers beings similar to the condor he found in the howalgonium stocks. He suspects that for some unknown reason, the bird got teleported onto the Earth, probably because of the radiations emitted by the howalgonium. While initially looking dead, the birds suddenly awaken. They turn out to be natural telepaths. Pucky names them Glovaarians.

Pucky starts talking with them and learns their history : two billion years ago, two galaxies collided. Since then, they have been moving away from each other, therefore creating this "Stellar Bridge" in which the Earth is now caught. Most of the Glovaarians died during the incident and the survivors decided to start a journey in order to find other members of their race. Pucky also learns about the Imps, the name given to telepathic storage where the Glovaarians have stored more information. Before he can ask more questions, a hostile group of Glovaarians decides to attack the Terrans. Pucky is made prisoner.

Using Pucky as a hostage, they board the Box. Since they're all telepaths, they have no problem guessing the Terrans intentions and making most of them prisoners. Although paralyzed, Pucky makes contact with the bird he rescued on the Earth and receives help from him. The Terrans regain control of the posbi ship but the Glovaarians have badly damaged it.

The Glovaarians start to die when they realize that they have failed. Pucky is able to salvage one Imp from the stranded pyramid. The tablet mentions the existence of a power which can be found at one end of the Stellar Bridge. This power is supposedly able to use the tremendous energies given off by the energetic stream. The Imp runs out of energy before Pucky can get more information.

Meanwhile, the Box 7149 is almost wrecked. The Terrans barely manage to land on the only planet orbiting the sun they were aiming for.

Cedric Beust

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