676 - Im Mahlstrom der Sterne
In the Maelstrom of the Stars
Hans Kneifel

The Earth and the Moon have materialized in an unknown region of space, in the middle of an energetic stream that is carrying them away. Because of all the disturbances, it is impossible to know precisely where they are, but the scientists suspect that the energetic stream stretches between two galaxies, one of them being probably the Milky Way.

The energetic stream has a lot of nasty consequences on the Earth : first, earthquakes and tidal waves are sweeping the land. Then, Nathan, the Moon supercomputer, is behaving strangely. Pucky and Ras Tschubai are sent there to investigate. Also, the stocks of howalgonium are getting very unstable, transforming the samples into projectiles. And finally, the linear drives of all the spaceships are out of order.

On the Moon, Nathan's plasma has gone berserk and is flooding the base. The Terrans try to contain the cells run amok but they have to retreat in front of the huge mass that it represents. Fellmer Loyd detects that the plasma is emitting fear impulses. It seems to be terrified by something coming from the energy stream. The Terrans realize that the plasma is only trying to bring all its parts together. Once they make that possible, the plasma no longer tries to flee.

On the Earth, the howalgonium stocks eventually settle down. Waringer suspects that the five-dimensional alloy might be the reason why the transfer through Archi-Tritrans failed : the huge quantity stored on the Earth must have been emitting strong radiations that altered the normal functioning of the transmitter.

On March 10, the situation is back to normal on the Earth and the Moon.

Cedric Beust

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