675 - Monumente der Macht
Monuments of Power
H.G. Ewers

Roctin-Par arrives on Olymp. He wants to get in touch with Anson Argyris. The Heavies are taking control of the planet and more and more people are getting arrested. As Roctin-Par contacts somebody from the resistance, black pyramids appear in the sky of Olymp and silently land.

Using different masks, Anson Argyris has successfully escaped the Laren police so far. He is hiding in his underground shelter, protected by numerous traps. Roctin-Par is eventually taken to him. To Argyris' surprise, the Laren has come to Olymp to ask for his help.

Asked about the black pyramids, Roctin-Par explains that they represent a symbol of conquest. They are cosmic landmarks : once the Council has taken over a new galaxy, they land everywhere in order to secure the area. They are spaceships but no Larens or Hyptons have ever penetrated inside because they are protected by a deadly force field, called the Albino Circle. The Larens have no idea who the pilots of the pyramids are. They also serve another purpose : that of refilling the polar blocks of the SVE ships. Therefore, the power of the Larens depends on the timely appearance of the black pyramids. Roctin-Par has come to Olymp in order to ask Anson Argyris to penetrate inside one of these pyramids. Since he is a robot, he should be able to survive the Albino Circle. The Emperor accepts.

If a live human being enters the Albino Circle, its flesh loses its color and it dies immediately. Anson Argyris steps inside the field and aside from his mask, which is organic and therefore immediately succumbs, he survives the experiment. Argyris enters the pyramid. At the same time, an SVE ship comes hovering over the top of the pyramid, getting its polar blocks recharged. Suddenly, a huge explosion sweeps the land. Roctin-Par has the impression to see a gigantic Argyris' face appear fugitively in the air before he loses conscience.

When he wakes up, he sees that the pyramid has been damaged on the top and that the SVE ship has been destroyed. He sees Argyris in the distance, obviously injured but still within the Albino Circle. He manages to direct the robot towards him and then carries the Emperor as he passes out. The two men are being chased by SVE ships but they make it safely into the emperor's hidden quarters. They board a shuttle and leave Olymp right before the Larens finally break into the secret base. When Argyris wakes up, he hardly remembers anything of what happened inside the pyramid.

Cedric Beust

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