672 - Countdown für Terra
Countdown for Terra
Ernst Vlcek

Colonel Hetschic is in charge of Potani-Pano, a USO base located 38,000 light years away from the Earth. When Nathan's memory was erased, its knowledge was scattered through 14,608 robots and Potani-Pano received 3,763 of them. The Terran scientists came up with these numbers so that they cannot easily be recovered by the Larens. However, should more than 923 robots be missing, the whole database would be lost.

A USO transporter, the Cetus, lands on Potani-Pano and its commandant, lieutenant Nemetz, informs Hetschic that Perry Rhodan is asking for the retrieval of the 3,763 robots back to the Sol system. Hetschic complies but he has to fight an opinionated hyperphysicist, Dr. Ammun, who is violently hostile to Rhodan's politics and who believes that the Administrator actually wants to turn the whole humanity to the Larens.

Ammun tries to prevent Hetschic from giving the robots to Nemetz and the conflict turns into a fight. the Cetus eventually takes off with all the robots on board. The base explodes, killing Ammun and his partisans. The Cetus then heads for the Achi-Tritrans transmitter. However, Rhodan informs Atlan that it is no longer possible to bring the Solar system back into the present : the ATF field generator is overheating. Therefore, all the robot parts have to go to the Earth with a regular linear flight. The Cetus breaks through the Laren blockade and reaches the Earth using the time conduit.

The scientists are now confronted with a new problem : Nathan refuses to be uploaded with this information. A quick analysis of its impotonic cells reveals that some of them are sick and have overruled the giant computer. Pucky leads a commando on the Moon in order to remove the sick cells. The operation succeeds and Nathan is uploaded with its former database. The 14,608 robots are sent back to Quinto Center, to be used as a possible backup.

Perry Rhodan informs the Terrans of his intentions : the Earth and the Moon are to be taken through Twin Sol, the transmitter, and reappear at a secret place in the Milky Way. To achieve this, thirty-two artificial suns are installed around the Earth to replace the Sun.

Cedric Beust

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