671 - Der Zeittaucher
The Time Ripper
Hans Kneifel

Abel Waringer, the hyper-physicist, says that the escape through Twin Sol, the new Solar transmitter made of Sol and Goblin, will not be possible before another four weeks. Expecting the Larens to break through the ATF Field at any moment, Rhodan asks all the Terran forces to converge towards Archi-Tritrans and go through the transmitter. The result of the operation is that 88,000 ships are now in the Solar System.

An alarming phenomenon manifests itself in the outer parts of the Solar System : a breach appears and lets an unknown ship through. There can be only one explanation : the Larens have created a device, coined "Time Ripper", capable of getting through the ATF Field. The Time Ripper is captured by the Terrans and brought on Earth. There, a thorough examination reveals that this device is most likely not the only one. The scientits reach the conclusion that they are being produced en masse on Olymp.

A small commando led by Pucky is sent to Olymp to sabotage the construction of the Time Rippers. With the complicity of Anson Argyris, the robot emperor, the Terran commando quickly finds its way to the construction site and sets atomic bombs at the critical places. When the bombs are activated, three hundred Time Rippers and their associated parts disappear in an atomic cloud.

This victory achieved by the Terrans drives Leticron mad. The Heavy talks to the entire Milky Way and promises to be merciless to anyone who will assist the Terrans in their fight.

Cedric Beust

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