670 - Der Hyperraum bricht auf
Hyperspace Breach
Clark Darlton

The Terrans need to test the newly formed solar transmitter. In order to do that, they will need to deactivate the ATF generator and then send a spaceship through the transmitter. Dino-55, a cargo ship led by Nara Malinowa, is designated for this mission. The ship goes through the transmitter but on Archi-Tritrans, nothing happens. In the Sol system, the Dino-55 seems to be stuck in the middle of the transmitter. It becomes partly transparent and starts swelling.

Panic ensues on the Earth. At the current rate of growth, the altered Dino-55 will eventually touch Goblin and the star will most likely collapse. Pucky tries to teleport on board of the cargo ship but fails. He manages to perceive thoughts, though, showing that the crew is still alive. But he can't teleport inside the spaceship. The experiment has had another unfortunate effect : when the Sol system came back into the future, a time-tunnel originated from the Dino-55 into the present. Some part of the cargo-ship must still be stuck in the present and there is now a wide open hole in the ATF field.

Pucky, Balton Wyts and Irmina Kotschistowa take a ship and come back into the present. There, they spy the Larens and quickly locate an SVE-ship on its way into the tunnel. They teleport on board and take control of the Laren ship, capturing two Larens and a crew of Heavies. The SVE-ship makes its way through the tunnel and appears in the Sol system.

Actually, the SVE-ship materializes inside the Dino-55, which has kept growing. The Terrans leave the Laren ship with their prisoner and the SVE-ship explodes. Pucky interrogates the two Larens for a possible explanation of what went wrong with their experiment. The Larens quickly understand that they have to cooperate and give the information to the mouse-beaver : in order to enable the impulse modulation field, which is supposed to contain the energies delivered during the process, the Terrans need to activate the Kalup converter when they go through the transmitter.

Nara complies. The Dino-55 stops expanding and eventually shrinks back to its initial size. Then they go through the transmitter. The transfer is a success : they materialize in Archi-Tritrans where they are greeted by Atlan.

Cedric Beust

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