67 - Zwischenspiel auf Siliko V
Interlude On Siliko V
Kurt Brand

The candidates of the space academy in Terrania receive their graduation diplomas. Among them is Lieutenant Thomas Cardif. He does not know that he is, in fact, the son of Thora and Perry Rhodan. At the time of his birth, Khrest, as a result of an analysis by the P brain of Venus, predicted that Thomas Cardiff would be choked under the personality of his father and his mother. For this reason, he has been raised like an orphan. He is assigned to the base on Rusuf, which is under the command of Colonel Julian Tifflor. Several of his friends notice that during periods of tension, he looks a lot like Perry Rhodan.

Thora, anxious to see her son, learns that the graduation has already taken place and leaves for Rusuf. While she is on the planet, Arkonide combat robots attack and during the battle, Thora is kidnapped. All vessels rush to the space sector around Rusuf in order to search for her, soon joined by the DRUSUS as well.

John Marshall and Kitai Ishibashi investigate on the planet Rusuf itself and learn that the operation has been led under the command of a Springer named Itzre Delagin.

Thomas Cardif participates in the search, on board of a new type of Gazelle. On the planet Heet-Ris, he discovers clues indicating the presence of a strong secret Arkonide base in the 4186-4-162 System. He informs the DRUSUS that puts him in charge of going there to investigate. The Gazelle is destroyed while approaching the moon Siliko V which generates a powerful protective field. The only survivor is Thomas Cardif.

Taken inside by robots, he is suddenly confronted by his mother who, for one second, mistakes him for her husband Perry Rhodan. It is at this moment that Thomas Cardiff suddenly understands who his real parents are and immediately develops a deep hatred for his father.

The Terrans have confirmation from Delagin that Thora is on Siliko V and the DRUSUS attacks the satellite. After several battles, the fortress is reduced to silence and the Terran forces invest it. When Perry Rhodan finally recovers his son, Cardiff expresses only contempt and hatred for his father.

When Rhodan asks for an explanation about his wife’s kidnapping from the Regent, the giant robot brain states that it does not know anything about Siliko V.

Michael Mahoney 2011-09-06

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