669 - Stützpunkt Donnergott
Thunder God
H.G. Francis

A small Heavy ship led by Eymontop was able to sneak into the solar system while it was back into the normal continuum. The Heavies were sent by Leticron to destroy the Anti-temporal tide field. They head for Neptune where a secret base, named Thunder God, awaits them. Eymontop eventually understands that Rhodan intends to build a solar transmitter within the Sol system and decides to stop him.

Goblin is still on an unstable orbit and needs to be readjusted or it will fall into the sun. Eymontop decides to sabotage the operation but one of his lieutenants makes a mistake and their ship comes too close to Sol. They are able to abandon it through a transmitter just in time before it gets crushed by the Sun. Rhodan is informed of the event but he doesn't understand why no Terran ship is found missing.

The Heavies hijack a Terran spaceship in order to manoeuver within the solar system more easily. A small commando successfully sneaks onto the Earth and attempts to kill Rhodan but the victim turns out to be a decoy robot. However, the secret services are now aware of the presence of Heavies within the solar system and they start looking for them.

The suspicious spaceship is quickly spotted and Pucky teleports on board. He kidnaps one of the Heavies and understands that the commandant wants to break out of the ATF field in order to warn Leticron. They refuse to surrender and try to break through but their ship is eventually destroyed by the Terran forces.

Cedric Beust

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