668 - Operation Sonnenbaby
Operation: Baby Sun
H.G. Ewers

The scientists are busy setting up the operation : the ArchiTriTrans transmitter must be redirected to the Sol system. Then, Goblin, the small star, will be hurled into the transmitter. For this to succeed, the Sol system has to deactivate the anti-temporal tide field, making the Earth defenseless for a few minutes. The teleportation of Goblin is slated for the 28th of October, 3459, between 12:00 and 12:03.

On the Earth, the scientists have detected inconsistencies in their computations. Somebody is obviously sabotaging the results. Rhodan asks Hubert Selvin Maurice to investigate. The bodyguard quickly limits the range of suspects to three physicists, but they are all loyal Terrans.

Leticron visits Anson Argyris on Olymp. The First Hetran asks the robot regent to host a conference gathering all the peoples of the Milky Way. Argyris is forced to comply. Shortly thereafter, he receives the information about the ongoing operation. He heads for the Earth, breaks through the ATF protection and tells Rhodan the date and time of the Goblin operation. Then he goes back to Olymp where is greeted by a very suspicious Leticron. However, the First Hetran cannot prove that Argyris is working with the Terrans.

Maurice eventually identifies the saboteur, who is actually a metamorph alien named Poorch. The creature, sent by Leticron, had taken the shape of one of the scientists and was skewing the results. Maurice convinces it to work for the Terrans instead.

On October 28th at 12:00, the ATF field is deactivated. With a lot of fright, Rhodan detects a fleet of sixty thousand spaceships. Then he realizes that not all of them belong to Leticron. He eventually understands that some reunion must be happening. No Laren ship is around but as soon as the shield is turned off, Leticron asks everyone to attack the Sol system. All the Milky Way races are forced to comply, despite their clear sympathy towards Rhodan and his resistance to the Larens.

At 12:03, Goblin still hasn't appeared in the Sol system. Rhodan decides to give it more time. SVE ships are spotted, headed for the Earth. Rhodan knows that he cannot take the risk of any of them entering the solar system. At 12:22, just as Rhodan is about to reactivate the ATF field, Goblin materializes between Sol and Mercury. The ATF field is turned back on. The Sol system quickly stabilizes and a new gravitational balance is reached.

The first part of the transmitter is now in place.

Cedric Beust

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