664 - Tunnel durch die Zeit
Tunnel through time
H.G. Ewers

Rhodan knows that the Larens will be able to locate the Sol system in the future, so Abel Waringer, the hyperphysicist, is busy trying to design a time modulator. The idea, called "Dream Dancer", is to have the ATF generator fluctuate randomly in the future. Shortly after a conference, Rhodan barely escapes a murder attempt. The assassin is eliminated by his body guard, Hubert Maurice.

The time modulator is started. Initially at 1.183 minute in the future, the Sol system drifts until twenty minutes. Suddenly it goes back and reintegrates the present. Fifty thousand ships are mobilized and the Terran fleet expects an attack from the Laren, while Waringer tries to reactivate the ATF generator.

The Larens have built a time tunnel. They dispatch SVE spaceships through it in an attempt to find the exact duration of the Solar system's shift in time. They lose several spaceships doing so but they manage to approximate the exact time. When the Sol system comes back into the present, they cannot call their fleet back in time to cause enough damage. Several SVE spaceships make it into the Solar system before it flees again in the future but they are destroyed by the Terrans thanks to the KPL cannon. Rhodan knows that if the whole Laren fleet enters the System, they will be helpless.

Meanwhile, Leticron has used the temporary breakdown of the ATF generator to send a message to an unknown recipient in the Sol system. Another murder attempt happens shortly thereafter on Rhodan, by a metamorph. The assassin changed shapes and identities and eventually made it to Rhodan.

Rhodan decides to send a small commando aboard a cargo ship to Olymp. They must contact Anson Argyris and try to bring back equipment into the Sol system. However, something goes wrong and instead of rematerializing on Olymp, the cargo ship appears right by the Laren base. They are captured and questioned by Hotrenor-Taak. The Laren decides to send the ship back but with 5,000 Heavy on board and two small SVE spaceships that will destroy the ATF generator on Mercury. At the last minute, the commandant sacrifices himself and destroys the ship. Leticron notices that the Hyptons appear to be shocked by what happened but he can't tell exactly why.

The Larens are closing in on the exact location of the Sol system, but they are still using an approximation. The Terrans use the transform cannons to disrupt the Time Tunnel and the Larens lose several hundreds of ships. The Time Tunnel is eventually destroyed as the time modulator is activated.

The Sol system is now randomly moving into the future.

Cedric Beust

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