663 - Leticron, der Überschwere
Leticron the Heavy
William Voltz

Leticron, a Heavy, has just overthrown the government in the Punta-Pono system. He intends now to become First Hetran instead of Perry Rhodan, who is now officially in disgrace after the Larens found out that Atlan was still alive. Leticron thinks he is more worthy of this title because he totally agrees with the political views of the Larens and also because he happens to be a mutant, possessing some telepathic skills.

Hotrenor-Taak is conferencing with the Hyptons. The Hyptons are a member of the Council. They are jellyfish-like creatures capable of convincing people they talk to. Hotrenor-Taak is trying to persuade them that the Earth should be destroyed but the Hyptons vote against it : they are afraid that it would strike fear upon the other races of the Council if a member attacked another member this way.

Applicants for the First Hetran position are beginning to arrive at Hotrenor-Taak's ship. Only two of them are seriously being considered by the Laren : Spanger, an Anti, and Nos Gainor, who already defeated Leticron in the past.

Hotrenor-Taak learns about the Sol system escaping in time behind the anti-temporal tide field. He is more than ever convinced that the Terrans must be destroyed. Leticron arrives by Hotrenor-Taak's ship and officially declares himself as an applicant. He starts by destroying a potential rival, in order to impress the Larens.

Hotrenor-Taak makes Leticron fight his two competitors, and the Heavy eventually defeats them, thus proving his valor. The Laren is still suspicious about Leticron but the Hyptons force him to nominate the Heavy as First Hetran right away.

On the Earth, the Terrans intercept communications between the Larens and they learn about Leticron's nomination.

Cedric Beust

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