662 - Jagd auf einen Toten
Hunt for a Dead
Ernst Vlcek

The activity of the resistance has increased since the Larens left the Sol system after the Sun Ignitor crisis. The terrans have gathered a lot of vital equipment and are about to evacuate it to Provcon-Faust, the Dark Cloud, so that their research on the anti-SVE spaceship weapon, the KPL cannon, can be accelerated. The person in charge of the shipment, Satago Werbot, turns out to be Atlan with a disguise.

Unfortunately, Atlan's personal wavefrequencies are spotted when he crosses a transmitter. The alarm is instantly given and Atlan barely escapes. The Larens now know that Perry Rhodan has been fooling them during all this time. Rhodan has but one alternative.

Over the past weeks, the terran scientists have been busy improving the anti-temporal field generator which they had already used in the past. Rhodan intends to use it once more to send the whole Sol system one second in the future.

The ATF is activated and the Sol system disappears from the continuum. However, eleven Laren spaceships that were patrolling nearby are taken along. They materialize in the solar system and immediately start attacking the terran bases. Their shields have been weakened by the transfer, though, and using the KPL cannon, the Terrans are able to destroy them before they can reach the ATF generator.

However, the anti-temporal field exhibits fluctuations. Instead of staying at a specific time in the future, the Sol system keeps oscillating. This anomaly is accompanied with the appearance of millions of spiral-shaped energetic creatures who start destroying terran installations. The Hyspies, short for hyper-energetic spirals, are eventually destroyed by Ribald Corello's parapsychic abilities.

Two days after the time jump, the Sol system eventually stabilizes at 1.11 minute in the future. However, Rhodan knows that all he gained was a reprieve : the Larens will eventually breach through the field.

Cedric Beust

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