661 - Der Sonnenzünder
The Sun Ignitor
Hans Kneifel

The Terrans have fourteen days to locate the bomb that the Larens hid in the Pacific ocean. One hundred million people have been dispatched in the ocean while the rest of the population is being evacuated. The scientists determine that since the bomb is supposed to destroy the whole solar system, it has to be some sort of sun ignitor that will cause Sol to turn into a nova, therefore obliterating the nine planets.

While searching a former Lemurian city on the ocean floor, a submarine finds a device that might be the bomb. The machinery activates when the Terrans approach but turns out to be some sort of observatory.

Perry Rhodan has returned from Provcon-Faust and is holding a conference with Atlan, Pucky, Icho Tolot and Orana Sestores in Para-Burg, the underwater resistance hideout. They are suddenly attacked by four Larens using deflectors. Thanks to Icho Tolot, the aggressors are quickly eliminated but Pucky and Orana pass out. Before fainting, Pucky mentions the presence of strong five-dimensional vibrations. They are taken to the hospital and Rhodan and Atlan try to understand the motive for this aggression.

They wonder if the Larens are thinking that their search for the bomb might succeed and therefore, they need another pressure point to bring Rhodan to turn in the new weapon and its inventor. A message then arrives from Mercury. The sun is shaken by violent flares, but this seems to be temporary and it is already coming back to its original state.

After checking out the times of both events, Rhodan's suspicion is confirmed : the vibrations were emitted from Para-Burg, and more precisely from Orana. She is the sun ignitor. The Larens implanted this mechanism in her cell bodies when she was taken to visit their empire a few weeks ago. The aggression was just meant to make sure that she was still receptive to the triggering impulse.

Rhodan only has a few hours left to take Orana away from Sol and bring her into the vicinity of a lifeless sun. They leave the Earth and head for a lonely sun, twenty thousand light years away from the Sol system. Shortly after midnight, Orana receives the impulse from the Larens and the small sun starts turning into a nova.

Rhodan returns to Earth as Hotrenor-Taak is addressing the population. The Laren says that he has been asked by the Council to test the Terrans to make sure that the are worthy allies. Perry Rhodan has successfully passed the test and the bonds between Larens are Terrans are therefore reinforced.

Cedric Beust

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