660 - Operation Bumerang
Operation Boomerang
H.G. Ewers

On the World of a Hundred Suns, Dr. Eygel Hoschtra is perfecting the anti-SVE spaceship weapon. They are a few hours shy of starting to equip a whole fleet of Posbi ships with it. The resistance team is worried about colonel Hetely, the official representative of the Solar Empire on the Posbi world. Since they believe Rhodan is now obeying the Larens, they decide to have Hetely arrested so that he doesn't interfere with their work.

In the absence of Rhodan, who is still in Provcon-Faust, the dark cloud where the resistance is gathering, Bull is in charge of the Earth. He wants to inform the Posbis about the actual situation but they cannot take the risk to see this message intercepted. Therefore, he decides to send an innocuous-looking messenger who will not draw the attention of the Larens. Captain Maytusz is chosen for this task. He departs for the World of a Hundred Suns.

Maytusz is received by the central plasma and tells the whole story about Perry Rhodan's undercover resistance to the Larens. The plasma acknowledges this new information but cannot believe that a simple captain would be sent to carry such vital information. Therefore, it has Maytusz arrested. The captain is imprisoned with Hetely and together, they manage to escape and head for the Earth.

On the Earth, Bull learns about Maytusz's arrest and also that the Posbis have gathered a fleet of forty thousand fragment ships, supposedly fitted with the new weapon. When Bull realizes what they're about to do, he immediately asks Roi Danton to fly there and try to dissuade them from confronting the Larens now.

In deep space, the fleet of the Posbis awaits the Larens. When the SVE spaceships show up, the fight begins. Hoschtra's weapon is a success : three thousand SVE ships are destroyed within a few minutes. The Larens flee.

Roi Danton arrives on the battlefield and talks with the central plasma. As Rhodan's son, Danton eventually convinces the plasma that what Maytusz said is the truth. But it's too late, the Larens are already busy finding a response to the new weapon. Eight hours later, a new fleet of SVE spaceships appears and they are immune to Hoschtra's weapon. The Posbi fleet has to retreat in disarray. The Posbis expect the Larens to show up on the central world any time now, and they know they don't stand a chance, especially if they receive support from the other six races that form the Hetos council.

To their great surprise, the Larens don't show up. On the contrary, they are busy removing all the Hetos Inspectors they had dispatched throughout the Empire and it's quickly obvious that they are withdrawing their forces from the Sol System. As he is busy trying to find a rational explanation for this behavior, Bull is contacted by Hotrenor-Taak.

The Laren commander informs him that a bomb has been set in the Pacific ocean that will destroy the Earth, and later on, the whole solar system. The bomb will be detonated unless Bull turns in the new weapon and its inventor to the Larens.

Cedric Beust

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