659 - Das Bio-Programm
The Bio Program
H.G. Francis

The Marco Polo has landed safely on Prov III, in the Dark Cloud. There, the Terrans start organizing their counter-offensive with the help of the rebels. Ras Tschubai has befriended one of them, Izal Ronon, and, as he is visiting him one day, finds him dead. He has been murdered.

Irsac-Rar, the detective in charge of the case, first suspects Ras Tschubai but the mutant can quickly prove he is not the murderer. The two men start working together on the case. Ivec-Tanhor, the son of Izal Ronon, is persuaded that Tschubai is the murderer and tries to attack him, but the mutant escapes. Over the past days, Ivec-Tanhor has been plagued by extremely violent pains in his stomach, and he cannot explain them.

Searching in the past of the deceased reveals that Izal Ronon was a key leader of the resistance against the Larens. Fifty years before, he had been arrested by the Secret Services and released some time later. Tschubai wonders if the resistant wasn't hypnotized and become a Laren agent in the process, but this hypothesis is quickly dismissed by the doctors.

Ivec-Tanhor is developing a sheer hatred against the Terrans and the Resistance. He intends to make a bomb and leave it on board the Marco Polo. He hopes to kill Roctin-Par and Rhodan. And added benefit would be the destruction of the new weapon that the Terrans have invented, the so-called KGP-Device, and that disrupts the energy protection field of the Laren ships.

A psychologist finds a vital clue in Izal Ronon's past and informs Rhodan that actually, it's not the deceased who is a Laren agent, but his son. Somehow, the Laren altered his genes when they captured him and he was bound to have a son who would turn unconditionally to the side of the Larens when activated. This activation must take place with a hyper-impulse, but Tschubai thinks that the Laren never suspected their spy would end up in a place so far away from their mother world. Plus, the Dark Cloud must have blocked any impulse that might have made it that far. However, Ras thinkgs that it's the mutants who activated the agent, simply by emitting parapsychic waves.

Ivec-Tanhor steals some anti-matter and, using Roctin-Par's trust, manages to hide a bomb on board the Marco Polo. He tries to gather some information on the KGP-Device from Rhodan but the Administrator, who now suspects him, only discloses trivial information to the spy.

Ras and Gucky investigate Ivec-Tanhor's room. However, a parapsychic trap captures Gucky and locks him inside a hyperdimensional jail. The mouse-beaver has very little left to live. Ras reports back to Rhodan.

When he comes back to his room, Ivec-Tanhor sees that the trap has been triggered and now knows that the Terrans found about him. He flees and goes to see the Vincranians. He manages to convince them that the Terrans have always been enemies of the Old Lemurs and that if the Vincranians refuse to guide them, they won't be able to get out of the Dark Cloud.

Ivec-Tanhor takes place in a Vincranian ship and they take off. Rhodan contacts the ship and persuades the commander that Ivec-Tanhor doesn't care about the Vincranians but is about to betray the whole resistance. Ivec Tanhor kills him but is killed by one of the officers.

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