654 - Das Mondgehirn denkt anders
The Moon Brain Thinks Differently
H.G. Ewers

On his way on a diplomatic mission into the Blue empire, Tatcher, a Terrandiplomat, finds himself in the middle of a raging battle between tenthousand Blue ships and a few hundreds Laren opponents. To his dismay, hesees the Larens completely destroy the Blue fleet. Since the Larens havesuch an obvious technological advance over the Milky Way inhabitants,Tatcher is pretty much convinced that this was just a demonstration to showthe people of the Galaxy that resistance is futile against the Laren empire.

Tatcher makes contact with the Blue empire and, secretly, informs them aboutthe real issue behind Perry Rhodan being nominated as First Hetran of theMilky Way. First incredulous and hostile, the Blues eventually understandthe part that Rhodan is playing and agree to cooperate with the Terrans.

On the Earth, Rhodan, Bully, Tifflor and Hotrenor-Taak are talking. TheLaren informs them that they must convince all the people of their galaxy todisarm their fleet, and that the Terrans must relinquish control of the Moonshipyard to the Larens. Rhodan reluctantly complies.

Since he escaped the rebel ship, Atlan is more and more suspected byHotrenor-Taak to be on the side of Roctin-Par. He secretly goes to the Moonwith two of his agents, Tatcher and his companion, Rorvic, a half-Cynos whohas the ability to materialize visions. There, he meets with Rhodan whoinforms him of the latest Laren moves. Rhodan says he cannot let Nathan fallin the hands of the Larens and decides to transfer its knowledge in a safeplace. Atlan violently disagrees and tells Rhodan that taking such a risk issuicidary. Nathan should be destroyed immediately. The two immortals cannotagree and Atlan leaves the room, furious.

Once alone, he tells the USO agents he intends to destroy the Moon computerdespite Rhodan's opposition. He successfully convinces Ras Tschubai andPucky to help him out. The small team manage to enter the restricted areasof Nathan, but the computer eventually reacts and protects itself with anAnti-Temporal Field, thus placing itself five minutes away in the future.

Meanwhile, Rhodan is having a confusing dream showing a different reality,in which he meets with Atlan and it turns out that the Larens never existed.His dream is interrupted when he is awakened by the alarm set off by Nathanwhen it realizes it is under attack.

Thanks to Rorvic's ability and Tatcher's diplomatic skills, the protectionfield is deactivated and Nathan is brought back into the present, whereAtlan eventually disconnects it. Hotrenor-Taak is mad at Rhodan and ordershim to chase Atlan and bring him before the Larens, so that he can be triedand most likely, executed.

In a final debriefing, Rorvic tells Tatcher that he believes Nathan didn'tactually die but took steps in order to stay alive without endangering theHumans. The half-Cynos suspects Nathan is now gone on another plane ofexistence. It was probably responsible for the very vivid dream that Rhodanhad.

Cedric Beust

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