65 - Ein Hauch Ewigkeit
A Touch Of Eternity
Clark Darlton

On January 13, 2041, ten days after the disappearance of lieutenant Rous’ team on Tats-Tor, Perry Rhodan goes to see what happened. The Gazelle is recovered without occupants and the Lenticular Field Generator is found to have been destroyed. At the time of a second journey, a new Field Generator which has been more perfected is tested but without any effect.

On July 16, Rhodan is contacted by doctor Erb, a physicist. Dr. Erb understands the reasons for the failure of the Field Generator. It was not adapted to the conditions reigning after an interference. A new model is constructed, and named the Warp-Field Generator, or WF Generator. The DRUSUS leaves for Tats-Tor and creates a large window through which penetrates the Light Cruiser SHERBOURNE , which also has a Warp-Field Generator.

The crew of the SHERBOURNE recovers Marcel Rous and his companions. Pucky confirms what they had begun to suspect - that the caterpillars are innocent and don't have anything to do with the real enemy, to whom, however, one continues to assign the name Druuf. The path back into the normal universe is cut off by the arrival of spindle-shaped spaceships which, with concentrated fire, prevent access to the ring of light generated by the Warp-Field Generator of the DRUSUS.

Pucky and Ras Tschubai teleport themselves on board of the Druuf ships but these are only occupied by robots. On the petrified world, Rhodan and his men discover to their big surprise that they are slowly adapting to the temporal rhythm of the planet. Tschubai discovers on one Druuf vessel a chart of the Earth where Atlantis is distinctly visible. Pucky is captured but he finally succeeds in escaping. At the time of a teleport jump, he temporarily meets Perry Rhodan on the Earth but the Solar Administrator ends up being immaterial. The mousebeaver is pulled brutally from this environment and arrives on the SHERBOURNE. One hypothesizes that, while crossing the surrounding energy bubble of the Druuf ship, Pucky also teleported himself through time.

The SHERBOURNE approaches the flagship of the Druufs, using the fictive transmitter against the other units. The hostile vessel sends them an emissary, a Kruukh, but this one begins to take the crew under its mental control. The Kruukh is put out of action by André Noir. The Druuf flagship disappears the instant when the SHERBOURNE uses the fictive transmitter against it.

The SHERBOURNE comes back into the normal universe where only two minutes have passed. Atlan believes that the use of the fictive transmitter brought them back into the past, counteracting the temporal shift.

Some months later, when Perry Rhodan goes for a walk in Terrania, he feels a strange presence and discovers Pucky’s prints.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-19

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