63 - Die Mikro-Techniker
The Micro-Techs
Clark Darlton

On the DRUSUS, Jost Kulman gives his report on what happened on Swoofon. The Swoons, the most clever and talented micro-technicians of the Galaxy, have agreed to construct a structure anti-compensator, which greatly increases the risk that, sooner or later, the position of the Earth will be betrayed. Initially, Perry Rhodan thinks of just destroying the plans but Khrest proposes to seize the plans in order to construct a device to counter the effects of the structure anti-compensator.

The DRUSUS, TITAN and GENERAL POUNDER land on Swoofon (in the Swaft System) on November 10, 2040. Rhodan passes himself off as the Regent's emissary in pursuit of a dangerous Springer criminal. He orders the total blockade of the system and even gets the support of the Mounder Talamon.

Pucky, Kulman and Wuriu Sengu carry out a reconnaissance of the planet and penetrate into one of the numerous underground cities. Pucky establishes contact with the Swoon engineer Waff. The Terrans learn that the Swoons work for a Springer named Drog. When the mousebeaver meets Drog face to face, he reads in his thoughts that he is indeed the person responsible.

A pent-up Arkonide cargo ship demand’s an audience with the Regent, which immediately orders Rhodan to lift his blockade of the Swaft System.

Pucky brings the Swoons Waff and Markas to Perry Rhodan so that they can inform the two Swoons of their plans. Pucky, Markas and André Noir then rush in pursuit of Drog and succeed in making a copy of the plans of the structure anti-compensator. All details of this incident are erased from the memory of Drog. They also learn that it is the Regent who is at the origin of this operation.

Since the device needed to counter the structure anti-compensator requires Swoon manpower and expertise, Perry Rhodan decides, with their agreement, to take twenty thousand of them. The whole population of a university is transferred on board of the DRUSUS. The cruiser chases one of its own auxiliary vessels, making believe that it is occupied by the sought-after criminal. The auxiliary vessel crashes on the university, thereby erasing all traces of it and the missing Swoons.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-18

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