62 - Die blauen Zwerge
The Blue Dwarfs
Kurt Mahr

Several people fall sick in Greenwich on the planet Grautier, the body of the victims becoming covered with blue pocks. Some die. Mullon leaves on an expedition with the helicopter. He is accompanied by his wife Fraudy, Milligan and Pashen, a “Nature Philosopher” who disavowed the ambitions of the criminal Hollander. This last one (Hollander) prepares his revenge and sends three men to eliminate Mullon: Harper, Glannon and Cislarczik. These three travel on foot. Under way, Cislarczik fights with Harper who stuns him and abandons him.

Mullon and his companions establish a camp after the helicopter breaks down. Fraudy is attacked by a snake but saved by an animal which reminds them of the rhesus monkeys. These monkeys, who show a certain intelligence, are baptized rikkis. Milligan falls sick and he is saved thanks to the rikkis who prepare a mush with leaves that they chew beforehand.

Harper and Glannon arrive near the camp. Cislarczik joins them but he is killed by Harper. Mullon, attracted by a rikki, sees them and captures the two men. They leave then for Greenwich. There, the two men deny having acted on the orders of Hollander who is, therefore, not worried. They are condemned to several years of detention, the wreckage of the ADVENTUROUS serving as the jail. The patients in Greenwich are treated with the mush prepared by the rikkis.

Mullon leaves on another expedition with the same team. They establish their camp on an island in the middle of a large stream. The batteries of the helicopter are emptied. They are witnesses to the appearance of thousands of light apparitions that look like St. Elmo’s Fire. In the muzzle of a crocodile that attacked Fraudy, they discover a sort of blue rag that disappears soon. That night, new St. Elmo’s fires occur. The four Terrans faint and awaken as prisoners in a vast room filled with unknown devices. Their captors are the creatures which look like sparkling blue rags. They are baptized the Elmos or the Blues (Blue Dwarfs).

The Blue Dwarfs free them and take them into their city situated under the hill. Endowed with paranormal powers they bring them back to the helicopter where they recover the empty batteries. They are able to recharge them in the city thanks to a primitive current generator. After having destroyed the radio of the helicopter, supposedly by accident, Pashen proves to still be a faithful follower of Hollander. He shoots down Mullon with a bullet in the heart and flees with the helicopter.

Mullon is saved by the Blue Dwarfs. After more than one month, the Blue Dwarfs bring Mullon, Fraudy and Milligan close to Greenwich. Milligan enters in secret into the city and learns that Hollander has taken power. Mullon stumbles upon an unknown man named Gunter Chellish who presents himself as a former member of the “Nature Philosophers”. The Blue Dwarfs come in search for them. They cannot take all four in air. Instead they first carry away three of them, leaving only Chellish. Chellish is in fact a member of the Solar Defense assigned to supervise the exiles.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-18

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