614 - Flugziel Andromeda
Destination Andromeda
William Voltz

On 1 March 3457, Julian Tifflor, Alaska Saedelaere, Lord Zwiebus, the eccentric scientist Goshmo-Khan and his servant Plock leave for the planet Maahkora in the Pollaco-Hermi System. Maahkora is the diplomatic world of the Maahks in the Milky Way. The Gazelle of the five Terrans, who fight their symptoms caused by the PAD syndrome with psycho-pharmaceuticals, is forced to land by the Maahks. Since they are infected by the PAD epidemic, the Methane breathers are acting irrationally as evidenced by the fact that they killed the fifty Terran diplomats on Maahkora. They refuse to believe that they themselves are infected and panic due to their fear of the epidemic. In effect, they have their own facet of the illness and want to return to the Andromeda Galaxy. Half of the Maahks depart with one big vessel. Tifflor and his companions escape the attacks of Maahk robots and hide in a second Maahk vessel. Thanks to the irrational behavior of the Maahks they successfully remain hidden. They hope to intercept the first Maahk vessel on the space station (railway station) Lookout, located in intergalactic space, and to prevent the infected Maahks from introducing the epidemic in the Andromeda Galaxy.

This part of the cosmic chess game seems to be favoring the anti-immortal (anti-IT). As all help is forbidden him, the immortal (IT) yet hopes that the Terrans will find the key in time to defeat the PAD epidemic. The immortal ignores the possibility that the anti-immortal has already decided to go beyond the rules in the case that the Terrans are victorious over the PAD illness.

Michael Mahoney 2015-10-05

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