612 - Galaxis am Abgrund
Galaxy At The Abyss
H.G. Francis

On 24 February 3457, a fleet of Halutian (Haluter) ships whose crews are infected with the PAD illness land on the Terran colonial world of Foktor-Pural. Due to the effects of the PAD, the Halutians believe that they must reestablish order on the planet Foktor-Pural as well as on many other Terran colonial worlds. The Terrans already settled on these planets have developed strong colonies and, thus, resist the Halutian invasion. However, the invaders sweep aside all resistance and liberation attempts by the Terrans. The conflict soon becomes very violent and deadly.

Because of his stay in the parallel universe, Icho Tolot is in an advanced stage of the PAD illness. The ancient hate of the Halutians towards the Lemurians and their descendents is awakened in him. The same is true for the rest of his race. In the eyes of the Halutians, the descendants of the Lemurians - the Terro-Lemurians - include the Arkonides and Akonides. However, for some reason it does not include the Terrans themselves. On February 28 Icho Tolot attacks the Terro-Lemurian (a.k.a. Arkonide) Atlan while at a meeting in Imperium-Alpha. Atlan flees into the Himalayan mountains where he is ultimately forced to confront Icho Tolot in a final deadly battle. He is saved at the last minute by Takvorian who uses his mutant abilities in order to take control of Tolot. Icho Tolot is brought back to Imperium Alpha where he is imprisoned for his own good and for the safety of Atlan and all other Terro-Lemurians on Earth.

Pushed by an instinctive fear caused by the PAD that reminds them of the atrocities of the ancient Lemurian-Halutian War, the Akonides (Akonen) land on the Terran Colonies that have been occupied by the Halutians. They provoke a bloodbath. For example, the planet Foktor-Pural is devastated by numerous nuclear explosions and its capital city is completely destroyed. On March 6 an Akonide delegation arrives on the Earth in order to ask Perry Rhodan to help them annihilate the Halutians once and for all. The PAD is causing the entire galaxy to sink into chaos.

Michael Mahoney 2015-09-08

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