611 - Brennpunkt Medo-Center
Focus Medo-Center
Hans Kneifel

The research vessel EX-4007 returns from a two year mission in a space sector far removed from the edge of the Milky Way. On 1 February 3457, its crew learns at the time of a radio contact with the USO heavy cruiser BATRAL about the existence of the PAD. It alters course and heads for the medical planet Tahun. The situation there is out of control. Despite not coming into contact with any other infected living creature from the Milky Way over the past two years, the crew of the EX-4007 is contaminated by the PAD. The Ara physician, Moinsh Krohl, who is the leading scientist studying the PAD on Tahun comes to the conclusion that the disease propagates itself on a five-dimensional basis (i.e. over hypercom communications, etc.). He assumes that it entered and returned on the MARCO POLO when it came back from the parallel universe. Atlan, Pucky, Takvorian and Fellmer Lloyd help specialists of the USO combat agents of the Akonide Energy Command who try to remove the infected crew members of the EX-4007 by transmitter. On February 18 the para-energizing virus of the PAD is isolated. It proves to be unstable and at the time of its isolation and destruction in a special five-dimensional accelerator, it produces a destructive field provoking the explosion of all five dimensional hyperenergetic devices on Tahun.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-12

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