607 - Arena Eiswelt
Arena Ice World
William Voltz

The Space Jet of Perry Rhodan and Atlan pursues the Space Lentil of Perry Rhodan II and Roi Danton II as far as to the surface of the planet D-Muner, on which a secret base of the USO is located. They are successful in shooting and disabling the Space Lentil shortly before it lands. However, the Space Jet also sustains a hit and crashes in the immediate proximity. Thus begins a murderous race to reach the USO-Base over 6,000 kilometers away, because whoever reaches this base first will ultimately win and survive. Between the adversaries, a psycho-war develops, interrupted again and again by exchanges of fire. Technical complications add on top of this as the spacesuit of Perry Rhodan II first shows a defect and the flight-aggregate of Roi Danton IIís spacesuit later quits. He is left behind by his father with the order to waylay their pursuers.

Danton II sets up an ambush and shoots at Rhodan I and Atlan I, as soon as they appear. Atlan takes up the confrontation while Perry Rhodan hurries after his double further. After approximately one hour, Atlan succeeds in winning the upper hand over his adversary and kills Roi Danton II. Shocked by the death of the double of Roi Danton, Atlan buries him first before he gets started again with the pursuit. Meanwhile, the two Rhodans are only a few kilometers from the USO-Base and approximately 1,000 meters from each other distant. Again, a fire-skirmish between the two, who call each other "brother" meanwhile, takes place during which Rhodan II is hit in the right arm. He appeals to the fairness of Rhodan I to continue the duel under the same conditions. He meets Rhodan Iís sore point with this verbal interchange. Rhodan wants to put away his Desintegrator as Rhodan II uses the opportunity for an attack. The quick thinking Rhodan I responds instantaneously and mortally wounds Rhodan II. The two "brothers" can still exchange some last words together, and Rhodan II recognizes in dying that he became a victim of his own mistrust. After his death, a huge structure disruption hurls Perry Rhodan, Atlan and the entire MARCO POLO back into their standard universe. The trip into the parallel-world has finished.

In this moment, nobody still suspects that this is only the start of a cosmic chess game between IT and ANTI-IT. They donít suspect that the MARCO POLO was placed in the parallel universe by ANTI-IT and was then transported back to the standard universe by IT (once Rhodan I had killed Rhodan II). Now ANTI-IT is ready to begin the next phase of the cosmic chess game.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-12

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