605 - Sprung nach GALAX-Zero
Jump To GALAX-Zero
Hans Kneifel

Shortly after the annihilation of Tchirmayn by the MARCO POLO II is announced throughout the galaxy, Galbraith Deighton II visits GALAX-Zero. The station, which is the central galactic news-dispatcher, is led by Solar Marshal Orana Sestore II, the friend of the dictator Perry Rhodan II. The chief of the solar defense has devised a plan to lure the real Perry Rhodan into a trap; a plan, with which Orana Sestore II should function as bait.

At first, Orana fights against the plan. However, before Deighton’s threat to torture her father Deyko Sestore to death within six days, she must capitulate. A feigned message is written and sent with her signal. The message states that she is a leader of a resistance organization. The message is admittedly received by the MARCO POLO immediately, but Perry and Atlan are clear on that occasion that it can only be about a trap. To the appearance they accept the invitation from Orana II in the hope that it brings them nearer to the return into their home universe.

Perry Rhodan and Orana Sestore II arrange, per hyper-radio, a meeting in the interstellar space, and, thus, Orana leaves GALAX-Zero on board of a Space-Jet. Her thoughts are searched by Pucky and Fellmer Lloyd, but they find nothing vicious in them. However, parts of her memory seem to be blocked. This block relaxes shortly after the first juncture with Perry Rhodan, and she confesses to him that it was her order to lure him into a trap on Humphyr II. Perry and Atlan decide to turn the tables on Deighton II and to attack GALAX-Zero directly in order to free Orana’s father.

Perry, Atlan, Pucky, Fellmer Lloyd, Irmina Kotschistowa, Icho Tolot and the Paladin-Robot set out on this mission. It was however exactly that with what their negative personalities had reckoned. They knew that Orana II was not reliable and that Perry could not resist the temptation to free Deyko Sestore. Accordingly, hundreds of Solar Defense Agents enter into action at the moment as the commando team is teleported by Pucky I on board of the station. A vehement fight, in whose course Deighton II kills Deyko Sestore, breaks out. As a result, Orana II loses her nerve and transmits into the energy-station of GALAX-Zero where she brings the reactors of the station to an unstoppable nuclear reaction. Afterwards, she comes back to Perry in order to warn him of the impending explosion of the station. However, she is killed by an exploding Transmitter shortly after that. As a result of her warning, Perry Rhodan I can flee with his commando team, but also Rhodan II, Atlan II and Deighton II succeed with the escape in time.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-09

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