604 - Triumph der Gewalt
The Triumph Of Violence
Ernst Vlcek

After the success on HONEYCOMB 1000, Perry Rhodan I and the MARCO POLO I go on the search for further allies. On Atlanís suggestion Rhodan decides to travel to Tschirmayn, where the Arkonide attempted to create a colony of New-Arkonides from degenerate Arkonides through gene-experiments 150 years ago.

However also Perry Rhodan II is not idle: meanwhile, the Chief Cosmo-psychologist, Dr. Thunar Eysbert II, has found out that the personnel of the real Perry Rhodan is organized democratically, and consequently not only he alone makes decisions. He and Atlan da Gonozal II therefore comes also to the result, that Tschirmayn must be the nearest goal of the MARCO POLO. They decide to also fly there and to pass themselves off as the positive Perry Rhodan and Atlan. Rhodan II puts the old crew of the MARCO POLO II together again and goes on the trip, during which he practices the role of the nice, obliging human being - he attempts to make himself think and act more like Rhodan I. Meanwhile, Fellmer Lloyd II lies dying, since his cell activator was stolen from him. However, shortly before his death he gets it back from Pucky II, who had hidden it as part of his vicious understanding of fun.

Together with Atlan II and Lord Zwiebus II, Rhodan II lands on Tschirmayn and slips into his antipodean role there. Actually they succeed with convincing admiral Ankur and all the other New Arkonides that they are the visitors from the foreign universe; so it is only logical that Ankur leads them through the secret installations of the Anti-Terran resistance movement and actually reveals to them all secrets. The repressed hate of Rhodan II and his impatience becomes bigger from day to day. Meanwhile, the real MARCO POLO I approaches the system. However, it proceeds so carefully on that occasion that the hidden Terran battle-ships are discovered in the orientation shadow (protections) of the sun and seizes the escape in time. When Rhodan II is informed of the successful escape of the MARCO POLO I, he doesn't see any more reason to carry on his role as Rhodan I. He drops his mask and enjoys his revenge to the full. First he destroys the entire Arkonide fleet, and then, after that, changes the planet Tschirmayn into an atomic hell. Finally, he even induces the star to explode into a supernova.

Michael Mahoney 2014-08-09

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