603 - Planet der Ritterspiele
Planet Of The Knight Games
H.G. Ewers

The MARCO POLO arrives at the asteroid Honeycomb 1000, the present residence of the Old Mutants. Perry Rhodan and his companions only finds the two Oxtorners, Powlor Ortokur II and Neryman Tulocky II. Unlike all the native Terrans they have met so far, the Oxtornersí characters are identical to those of their doubles in the original universe. They inform Rhodan I that nineteen days earlier the Old Mutants were removed by Atlan II. Seventeen tons of PEW metal are missing from the asteroid.

The two Oxtorners advise Perry Rhodan and the crew of the MARCO POLO to go to Palpyron, the second planet of the Taurola-Pan System. Its inhabitants, descended from Arkonide colonists, have developed a type of medieval culture. Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Dalaimoc Rorvic, Tatcher a Hainu, Pucky and the two Oxtorners land on the planet, disguised as Palpyronien Knights. They locate the Old Mutants Kitai Ishibashi and Ralf Marten. They are consolidated in their bodies by armor made of PEW metal. They prove to be adversaries of Rhodan II and enthusiastically become allies of Perry Rhodan I. The PEW metal, located in a temple on Palpyron, is brought on board the MARCO POLO. The vessel leaves Palpyron before a SOS that had been triggered involuntarily at the temple by Dalaimoc Rorvic attracts the enemy's attention to the Taurola-Pan System.

Michael Mahoney 2013-03-13

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