602 - Der Sprung nach Luna
The Jump To Luna
Clark Darlton

A plan to rescue Ras Tschubai is developed by Pucky and approved by Perry Rhodan. Pucky teleports himself with Mentro Kosum and Menesh Kuruzin from a Gazelle onto the surface of Olymp. With the help of Bount Terhera II they arrive by way of the Transmitter System on Earth in a container. Pucky picks up the trail of Ras Tschuba´ in West Africa. He brings him to safety just as the mutant is located and confronted by Pucky II. The mousebeaver and his companions hide for several days in Antarctica, in the small township of Nordecaal. Its inhabitants have voluntarily withdrawn from civilization and silently oppose the Terran government. They then reach the Moon by teleportation where they seize a Gazelle in a secret base whose existence is only known by Rhodan/Rhodan II. When Pucky learns that some Terran troops have occupied Nordecaal he returns to Antarctica and saves his new friends (and allies) there. He then rejoins the Gazelle. On September 16, 3456, the small vessel reaches the agreed upon rendezvous point with the MARCO POLO. The rendezvous point is the red sun Nogulus, on the south periphery of the Milky Way. The rescue action to retrieve Ras Tschubai from Earth has been successfully concluded.

Michael Mahoney 2013-02-09

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