601 - Die falschen Mutanten
The False Mutants
William Voltz

The two entities pursue their game with mental weapons. They choose to represent the two powers distributed on several universes.

Ras Tschubai II leaves the Sol System II with the MARCO POLO which he wants to sabotage. Ras Tschubai I wakes up in Imperium Alpha II after being paralyzed during the successful escape of the MARCO POLO from Earth. He is forced to become acquainted with the terror regime of Perry Rhodan II and then succeeds in damaging the MARCO POLO II. When Rhodan II threatens to have the responsible security officers executed, the teleporter surrenders. He is interrogated and tortured by Deighton. The Ara physician who treats him lets Tschubai escape.

Meanwhile, Tschubai II succeeds in concealing his true identity on the MARCO POLO I. Perry Rhodan I and his crew attempts to take on some provisions in the Vega System but are unsuccessful. The MARCO POLO I then carries out a diversionary maneuver in the Eugaul System (Plophos) before traveling secretly to the planet Olymp. On September 2, 3456, Ras Tschubai II accompanies Perry Rhodan and Atlan on Olymp. They want to visit Bount Terhera. Bount Terhera’s double in Perry Rhodan’s universe of origin fought with criminal methods. In this parallel universe, Terhera is on the side of good and has been forced to retire on the planet Olymp. It appears that only the Terrans of the Sol System have a character opposed to their doubles. At the time of the meeting with Terhera II, Tschubai II tries to kill Rhodan. He is stopped by Atlan who shoots and kills him. Rhodan and Terhera II agree to form an alliance in order to build a resistance organization against Rhodan II. Then, in order to divert the attention from Terhera II, Rhodan and Atlan simulate an attempted contact with Anson Argyris II. Ultimately, they are successful in returning to the MARCO POLO.

Michael Mahoney 2012-11-12

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