600 - Die unsichtbare Grenze
The Invisible Border
Kurt Mahr

In the darkness of infinity two competing entities face each other. They observe the beginning of a new crisis.

In 3456 the Solar Imperium has overcome all difficulties in the aftermath of the Swarm. The other human empires, the Neo-Arkonide states and the Arkonide Imperium are disorganized again.

On August 20 the MARCO POLO, in orbit around Pluto, takes part in the large Anti-Nug project. The new Schwarzschild-Nug power plant must be tested. It mixes antimatter with matter to create the Schwarzschild effect, which in turn, releases huge, unimaginable amounts of energy. The attempt fails. The free quantities of energy that are released project the MARCO POLO into a parallel universe, in effect an anti-universe, which differs from the real universe by small details. The personalities of its inhabitants are opposed precisely. When the MARCO POLO lands on the Earth II, Perry Rhodan II and the other responsible persons, who are greedy, brutal and destitute of scruples, are able to stop and capture the real Perry Rhodan (Perry Rhodan I) and his crew. The mutants are held captive in the MARCO POLO. On August 25th, Rhodan I escapes. He decides to visit Tycho Ramath II. In the real universe, Tycho Ramathís double (Tycho Ramath I) led a slanderous campaign at the time of the elections of 3450 and tried to murder Perry Rhodan. In the parallel anti-universe, Tycho Ramath II is a decent and honorable man. With the help of Ramath IIís organization, which works also against the government, the prisoners are freed and brought back to the MARCO POLO. In spite of all opposition Perry Rhodan I is able to flee with the MARCO POLO into space.

Michael Mahoney 2012-10-26

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