6 - Das Mutanten-Korps
The Mutant Corps
W.W. Shols

The 3rd Power is finally recognized as a sovereign state by the rest of the world, so Perry enters into negotiations with Peking to purchase the land that the new nation is sitting on. The push to gain raw material for production is stepped up.

In London, Homer G. Adams is released from prison and appears to claim money left in an account for him. He boards a plane for Tokyo. On a stopover in Zanzibar, he meets John Marshall who strikes up a conversation. He knows Adams is carrying a large sum of money. On the final leg to Tokyo, the plane is hijacked. The hijackers are after Adams and will destory the plane to silence him. Marshall puts in a call to Perry, who uses the Arkonide space sphere to intercept the flight. Tako Kakuta teleports onto the plane and uses the psychoradiator to stop the hijacking. Adams finds that he's been chosen to be Secretary of the Treasury for the 3rd Power and is immediately caught up in Rhodan's business dealings.

In Greenland at the NATO intelligence base, Alan Mercant is forced to shoot a guard who had intended to kill him. The investigation of the incident leads to a black metal dome with a dead alien inside.

In Japan, a dozen mutants are kidnapped by Bell and Tako to form the nucleus of Perry's proposed mutant corps. At about the same time, the telekinetic Anne Sloane joins Perry's cause. Mercant reports the dead alien to Perry and Khrest explains that they are dealing with the Mind Snatchers, an alien race that can take over a person's mind from a distance. Tako and the mutants arrive and Perry explains his plans to them. The kidnappees are invited to stay at the base for a week to unlock their potential and listen to Perry's mission. While returning to the base, Reg comes under attack from the Mind Snatchers. The Arkonide ship races to the scene and Tako teleports aboard the MS ship and leaves a bomb which destroys the ship.

When the week is up, the mutants have decided to stay with Perry. Te Secret Mutant Corps of the 3rd Power is a reality.

Larry Eischen 2005-08-28

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