59 - Rückkehr aus dem Nichts
Return From The Void
Kurt Mahr

Three Terrans - Fellmer Lloyd, Marcel Roux and the exopsychologist Rosita Perez - investigate the planet Mirsal II where several sections of the population has disappeared. They borrow a bus that takes them toward the city of Fillinan but while en route all the passengers disappear. Alone the Terrans are not affected. They enter the city of three million inhabitants, subjugating its sentries with their psycho-radiators.

The phenomenon of disappearance occurs again. It appears in the shape of an invisible curtain moving through the air. The Terrans determine that they can protect the natives while surrounding them with a protective field. They also collect a piece of plastic that has already passed through this curtain. They are stopped by the police but, this one having discovered their identity, cooperates with them.

After having carried out a carbon analysis on the piece of plastic, it is now certain that the phenomenon corresponds with the interference with another space-time continuum. The analysis of the plastic piece proves that time passes by 72,000 times more slowly in the other continuum. Randomly, the Terrans discover a way to reach into this continuum while tinkering with an energy field generator. This generator forms a ring, a lens. Marcel Roux passes through it in order to search for Rosita Perez, who has disappeared meanwhile.

He finds himself in an absolutely frozen world where the inhabitants of Mirsal appear as statues on a plain surrounded by a circular impenetrable shadow wall. Roux recovers Rosita, then he crosses the ring or lens in the opposite direction where Perez recovers her normal temporal rhythm.

With the disappearances increasing, the DRUSUS and the ARK-KOOR undertake to evacuate as much of the population of Mirsal II as possible. The DRUSUS reaches Arkon III where Rhodan then converses with the Regent. The positronic brain, which does not understand the problem of the different time rates in the two universes, is dependent on the assistance of Perry Rhodan and his Terrans. Rhodan is given command of 75% of all Arkonides battle squadrons and the saved inhabitants of Mirsal II are allowed to remain on Arkon I. Rhodan also obtains unlimited use of Arkon III and others Arkonide bases.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-23

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